Ristar Confirmed in ASR Transformed…as Flag Man

Ristar Confirmed in ASR Transformed…as Flag Man

by October 9, 2012

We Told You So…Kinda Sorta Maybe Possibly Ehhhhh

Well, our source was half right.  A preview from Ve3tro spills the beans on the Genesis-era star known as Ristar and his formal role in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  He won’t be playable, but he will appear in-game as the flag man for the beginning of races, taking the role NiGHTS had in the original.

Here is the confirmation from Ve3tro’s preview that appears to reflect a newer build of the game; we’ve emboldened the confirmation:

It’s not a proper Sega title without the various references and Sumo Digital has struck gold again. Each of the courses contains various references to the Sega titles they are based on. Fans of these classics are in for a treat, with props like Puffy bouncing around in the NiGHTS stage. You know the development team tried their best when the race starts and Ristar is cheerfully waving the flag. Each of the courses is a visual treat that will certainly make gamers smile. The various transformations that take place in real time make it even more exciting to look at.

The preview also sheds details on the NiGHTS, Shinobi, Afterburner, and Skies of Arcadia courses.  The preview calls ASR Transformed for Wii U “one of the stronger launch titles with a few tweaks.”

If we had to guess, Sumo might have tried to give Ristar a playable role–resulting in the information we received in April, presumably from a very early build–but couldn’t pull it off.  At least fans who were excited to hear about Ristar will still have that representation in-game.  Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.