Sonic The Fighters Rating for Digital Spotted in Germany

Sonic The Fighters Rating for Digital Spotted in Germany

by October 9, 2012

VF2, Fighting Vipers Also Spotted

It appears Sega has at least three more library titles waiting in the wings for digital download.

Spanish website Sonic Paradise this evening spotted a rating for Sonic: The Fighters on Germany’s USK, or the Entertainment Software Self-Regulating Body.  An age rating of 6 was given by the firm for an XBOX 360 version.  Age ratings of 12 were also found for Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers. All three have a survey date on September 21st, and all three had XBOX 360 listed as the console.

For those unaware, Sonic the Fighters was originally an arcade game, featuring several classic and some new Sonic characters in a whimsical, cartoony beat-em-up running on Model 2 hardware.  It was mainly released in Japan, with arcade cabinets rarely seen in the West under the Sonic Championship name.  Still, Sonic the Fighters would eventually see home release on GameCube in 2005’s Sonic Gems Collection.  Fighting Vipers may also be unfamiliar to some; it was a caged combat brawler with armor.  The title eventually made it to the Sega Saturn in late 1996.

Seeing a rating for what we can only assume is a complete game in a region that isn’t Australia may suggest these titles are only a couple months away from a proper release.  While only the XBOX 360 is listed, it is almost a certainty Sega will attempt to release all three titles to Playstation 3 and PC as well.  Given Monday’s formal announcement of Crazy Taxi on iOS, don’t discount a mobile release, either.

With what now appears to be some kind of formal Sega presence coming together at this year’s New York Comic Con, we will attempt to ask questions of anyone official at the show on this matter.  In the meantime, we again thank Sonic Paradise reporter Ashthedragon for tipping us on Twitter.