EU LE boxart for Wii U ASR Transformed revealed

EU LE boxart for Wii U ASR Transformed revealed

by October 11, 2012

So much of a “Special” edition

Danica Patrick’s All Stars Racing Transformed trailer and screenshots was not the only thing about the game that Sega released Wednesday.

Sega Europe also released some box artwork for Wii U  limited edition of Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed via their press site. It’s the first time Sega has acknowledged a Wii U limited edition, since they only announced limited editions officially for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita, but retailers have been listing this version for a while now. Even Steve Lycett himself confirmed it a few times on several sites.

It was a secure bet to say that Wii U had a limited edition coming, but now it’s fully official. Also, this one is very “special”, since it’s labeled as special edition instead of limited edition.  Might there be some exclusive content not present on the other platforms limited edition? Or is just a typo? We should know soon, as Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is coming out soon.

You can see all limited edition boxarts in our gallery.