Sonic Underground is getting an epilogue at Archie Comics

Sonic Underground is getting an epilogue at Archie Comics

by October 11, 2012

A rather surprising twist

Looks like we’re finally seeing an end to obscure DiC produced cartoon Sonic Underground.

The series will get an epilogue in Archie Comics’ Sonic Universe 50th issue, coming next March. In this single issue, Sonic Underground will finally see an end to its storyline, left 14 years ago with the series’ ill-fated end. We will see what happened once that the series ended and, for the first time, we will be able to see one of the many Sonic canon lines have a proper resolution.

It’s not the first time Sonic Underground shows its face at Archie comics. Back when the show premiered in 1999, there was a crossover with Archie Comics’ Super Special Series to promote the new coming cartoon, so this is not only resolving that cartoon series, but also the closing of a really old comic plot thread left unfinished.

The story will be written by Ian Flynn and the cover is drawn by Patrick Spaziante. You can see it down here.