Special Statement: A Note on Our NYCC Archie Panel Coverage

Special Statement: A Note on Our NYCC Archie Panel Coverage

by October 15, 2012

Why You Didn’t See Sunday’s Events Here

I pride myself and this site on getting information to you as soon and as complete as possible, especially when I say I’ll be doing so in advance.

Case in point: I have been saying for many weeks that, as is par for the course in recent years during New York Comic Con, I would be there to cover the Sonic and Mega Man panel, ideally live.  Today, I wasn’t.  Another round of unrelated interviews I had scheduled at the show ran late–well past the cutoff point for the Archie panel–and I was denied entry.

I had not, but perhaps should have expected the string of appointments I had to cut close to the panel start time.  I gambled, and I lost.  For that, I apologize to you, our readers.  I let you down.

We still have some media to share with you from New York Comic Con–cosplay and the like–and those will be online in due course, as I’m recovering from such quick turnaround times between cities.  But I realize a lot of you may have visited the site Sunday afternoon to see our live coverage on the panel, which has been in full force for the last few years.  It has always been a key component of our New York Comic Con coverage, and this year, I didn’t deliver.  For as much as I hold others accountable, I too should apply that standard to myself, and make no mistake; on this mistake, the buck stops with me.

While we’re at it, here are some retractions we should make, in Spanish:

I appreciate your understanding.