Sonic loses his rings at the latest Wreck it Ralph video

Sonic loses his rings at the latest Wreck it Ralph video

by October 15, 2012

Beware of low height futuristic jets.

Our blue boy has been rather prominent on the upcoming movie Wreck it Ralph. He has been seen, along with his life long nemesis Dr.Eggman, in several adverts, movie posters,trailers, and even a billboard.

He is now present in the latest released video for the movie. In this voice actors featurette you can spot both Sonic and Eggman, if only for a second. Eggman is seen in the now famous villain reunion, and walking along a shadowy figure. Sonic is spotted for a second being almost roadkilled by a low height flying machine, and losing his rings in the process.

But that is not the only sonic related event that has been around in the movie for the late days. A Sonic the Fighters arcade machine was spotted in the latest international trailer.  Might this have something to do with the late rumors about the digital release of the game? Or is just a big coincidence?

Coincidence or not, it’s a good move to include it in the movie, will help to boost the sells.

You can se both the voice actor vignette and the screenshot of the sonic the fighters arcade machine featured in the movie,below.

Thanks to AshtonNextGen and TheBlueHedgehog1 for tipping us.