New Video: Sonic Jump Gameplay Trailer

New Video: Sonic Jump Gameplay Trailer

by October 17, 2012

The Race to the Top Arrives in New Zealand

The updated Sonic Jump arrived on iOS devices in New Zealand earlier today.  It means we can share much more with you about the game.

That includes this 15 minute gameplay video from the website, which we’ve embedded below.  You’ll see the nine (!!) acts of Green Hill Zone in action, as well as some of the game’s power-ups and features.  You may also notice something we did: Sonic uncurls as he jumps to new heights, and in some instances that means losing his rings when in contact with the badniks.  It may be Sonic the Hedgehog 4 all over again, albeit in a more addictive to some.

Have a look below.  There’s more to share of Sonic Jump, and we’ll share it with you shortly.  We thank AugieD for tipping us on Twitter.