Sonic Jump hacked; secret characters revealed

Sonic Jump hacked; secret characters revealed

by October 17, 2012

Let’s start the carnage

Sonic Jump has been already released in New Zealand, and that means that people are already diving into it’s innings and bringing us the secrets it contains.

Spanish site Sonic Paradise reported that some users from the Russian Community’s Sonic-World board had access to the game and since then they have hacked it contents to show everyone the secrets inside of it’s data.

Well known scener Mefiresu, along with his pal Sly has discovered lots of characters sprite sheets, background images, and several other resources of the game, including sprites for Amy as a playable character.

There is also hints at Cream, Silver, Rouge, Shadow and Blaze as possible playable characters. They surely confirm they are in the game somehow.

You can see image resources in the gallery below.