Prope’s Digimon Adventure finally got a release date

Prope’s Digimon Adventure finally got a release date

by October 19, 2012

Digimon,Digital Monsters…

Yuji Naka’s latest game at Prope, Digimon Adventure for PSP is making the delights of many, many hardcore Digimon fans. The game, who recreates faithfully Digimon’s anime first season, is being developed by Prope and published by Namco.

Well, Looks like the game is coming out in a few months. V Jump Magazine revealed that the game is coming to Japan stores next January 17th, 2013.  But not only that, it also reveals that once we finish the game main story mode, there will be an extra story chapter with a completely original story starring Digimon’s anime main protagonist from other seasons besides the first one.

The game hasn’t been announced to be released overseas, and sadly it doesn’t looks like it. PSP is long gone in the west, but this game would be a good ending to it catalogue.

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