Sonic Jump Peaks at 4th in Sales on iPhone

Sonic Jump Peaks at 4th in Sales on iPhone

by October 23, 2012

Almost Sonic CD Grade Strength for Sega, Hardlight

It appears that almost a week after the game launched, Sonic Jump has reached a peak for iPhone and iPod Touch sales.

Earlier, today, the game briefly touched the #4 spot on the top 25 paid apps, before dropping again to #5, where it had been for much of the past 2 days.  On iPad, Sonic Jump hit #2 on the top 25 over the weekend; that too appears to be a peak.

To compare, Christian Whitehead’s remastered Sonic CD had hit #1 on iPad and #3 on iPhone after five days of sale in the App Store.  While the rise has not been quite as meteoric this time around, Sonic Jump has been much more consistent in maintaining sales to date, untouched in comparison to the constant tweaking of price points that plagued SCD for a time in December.  By those standards, Sega can reasonably call Sonic Jump a success.

We’ll let you know of any more fluctuations on the charts.