Zaxxon Escape gets updated

Zaxxon Escape gets updated

by October 23, 2012

Retro revival get bugfixes all over

It looks like Sega is taking care of it’s digital releases of lately. Now it’s time for one of his latest surprises, Zaxxon Escape, to be updated in iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

The update, revealed by the Sega blog, is mostly for optimization on the performance of the game on all the devices who support it , an of course fixing several bugs that prevented the game to run on some Android devices. It also add support for larger screens on iPhone 5.

The complete list of bugfixes and updates is the following.


iOS Updates:

  • Improves iOS6 compatibility
  • See more of Zaxxon on your iPhone 5 with full screen resolution support!
  • Game performance has been optimized across the board for all supported devices

Android Updates

  • Android ‘back button’ functionality fixed to have same function as on-screen ‘back button’
  • Galaxy Note devices: Fixed issues with accelerometer sometimes getting stuck
  • Nexus S running ICS: Fixed issue with game crashing at loading screen.
  • EVO 4G: fixed a number of performance issues — game runs smoothly now!
  • Nexus 7 device: Fixed issues with accelerometer.