SA2 3rd in XBOX Live Charts After 3 Weeks of Release

SA2 3rd in XBOX Live Charts After 3 Weeks of Release

by October 25, 2012

NiGHTS HD Nowhere to be Found

How popular is Sonic Adventure 2?  It’s popular enough that our first official look at sales data from the third week of its digital release on XBOX Live still shows the game in the top 3 overall.

The Major Nelson charts for the week of October 15th show SA2 in the 3rd spot overall.  That not only means strong, consistent sales week to week since the early October launch, it also likely means SA2 took the top spot if not the week of October 1st, but perhaps the week of the 8th as well. Without question, that’s a stronger debut than Sonic 4: Episode II on the service, and perhaps better than Christian Whitehead’s Sonic CD.

On the flip side, the chances of the NiGHTS Into Dreams HD re-release yielding success may have been just that…dreams.  Nowhere was it found on the Major Nelson Top 20 for last week, which is quite unfortunate given how Jet Set Radio, which launched two weeks prior to NiGHTS, grabbed the 16th spot.

Based on this data, it would not be a shock to see Sonic Adventure 2 as PSN’s top seller for the whole month of October.  We’ll know for sure when Sony releases its data at the beginning of November.