Sonic X-Treme E3 1996 promo video surfaces

Sonic X-Treme E3 1996 promo video surfaces

by October 28, 2012

Old footage,renewed quality

Sonic X-Treme never ceases to surprise us. The charm of a cancelled game always attracts the people, eager to know more about what could have been if it had finally reached shelves.

Well, now we have a little peek on what it could have been. Youtube user ArgyleDX, an ex-Game Journalist in the 90’s, has uploaded to his youtube channel three videos showing us Sega’s roster for E3 1996. One of them is entirely dedicated to Sonic Xtreme.

It’s not a completely new video, since this very same footage was floating around the net for a long, long time, but with an awful quality. Now we can see it, in direct feed, along with some aggressive Sega’s advertising from those years.  In the same video, we can also see some early footage of Sonic 3D Blast, for Genesis/Mega Drive, in which we can appreciate differences with the final and other known betas of the game, such a different looping and different portal-hatch in where sonic is launched in the game.

Along these, two other videos were released. One is a E3 video sizzle for future Saturn games, the other is the same but with Genesis/Mega Drive and Nomad ones. In that one, we can see X-Woman, a cancelled game.

You can see them down below.