UPDATE 2: Alleged Sega Customer Service Letter Claims All ASRT Versions Delayed

UPDATE 2: Alleged Sega Customer Service Letter Claims All ASRT Versions Delayed

by October 29, 2012

Amazon Returns to 11/18 Dates After 5 Days

We now have what could be a significant turn of events regarding the release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Via a reader tipping Nintendo Everything (and regular Twitter based reader AugieD tipping us there), we now have word an alleged correspondence from Sega customer supports claims the December dates are accurate.

The response and confirmation reads, according to the website:

It was not a screwup on Amazon’s part. As much as we want to release the game, we also want to ensure that it is not rushed and is released in the best possible state. While waiting for an extra month seems unfair, it is only being done in the best interest of those who are purchasing the game.

If this holds, it would be a very big deal and perhaps financially disastrous for Sega. ASR Transformed is the Sega’s only major offering for the Holiday season, and missing the Black Friday shopping Holiday at a time when Sega Sammy’s consumer business division, while not dire, remains on shaky footing could be a huge problem for the company’s bottom line.

Still, we need to be careful about treating this as the final truth. Other retailers still have not updated their listings accordingly. It is possible the correspondence only meant to refer to the two specific versions we already know have been delayed to mid-December: the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita version. To this point, official comment from both Sega representatives and Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett assured the home console versions were still on track for a mid-November release. It may now be time to worry a little bit. We’ll keep you informed.

UPDATE: Sega associate brand manager Aaron Webber posted to NeoGAF this evening, addressing the Amazon date and reassuring fans the November 18th date is on, but not really addressing why Sega’s own customer service is saying the game is delayed:

The amazon.com dates are not correct and we’re working to fix them. The console versions (360, PS3, and Wii U) are all being released on November 18th.

On that, we should note it’s now been at least five days, and three business days, since the Amazon listings were first discovered.

UPDATE 2: This evening, Amazon reverted back to the November 18th release date for all home console versions. That still leaves this latest matter unexplained.