Stampii reveals how to get the first of the “Sonic Mystery cards”

Stampii reveals how to get the first of the “Sonic Mystery cards”

by October 29, 2012

Trick or treat, anyone?

It’s time to go Trick or treating! And no, I’m not talking about going from house to house, claiming for sweets and goodies. I’m talking about Stampii Trading Cards.

And why, you might ask. Well, it’s because they’ve just revealed how we can get one of those “Sonic Mystery Cards”, only available for a limited time, to complete our trading card collection.

As Spanish site Sonic Paradise reported,their Facebook site says how to get them. It’s only available from October 31st to November 1st, so you have to be very fast to get it! It’s the only way you can get them!

You have to follow the instructions revealed at their page, that you can see down below:

From the PC or Mac application:

1) Download and install your PC or Mac Stampii application (

2) Join the Stampii’s Swap Network from your application. You can do it from the Swap tag in the toolbar above.

3) Introduce the username you want to swap with in the marked area.

4) This time, we are looking for SonicHalloween, the user we have prepared for this Halloween “Trick or Treat” promotion! It is very important that you write it on the box using the EXACT same capital letters and WITHOUT spaces.

5) If you want to negotiate with SonicHalloween, you will have to choose some cards “TO SEND” from your collection! You are obviously not getting this without any sacrifice! Keep in mind that depending on whatever you are giving… You might be closer to get your Mystery Card! In the example we will be sending three cards in exchange. Do you think that will make SonicHalloween happy enough?

6) Now it’s time to select the “Sonic Mystery Card #1” (Just scroll down a little more if you can’t see it…). Go to the “Sonic and friends” category and make sure you are ready TO RECEIVE it!

7) Finally, make sure all the cards TO SEND (The ones you are offering) and to TO RECEIVE (Basically, that coveted Mystery Card!) are correct, and CONFIRM the trade! Enter your Stampii username and password (the ones you used during registration)…

…And let’s see if Sonic calls that a TREAT!

If SonicHalloween likes your Swap Request… You might end up with the Sonic Mystery Card in your collection!

Happy Halloween!  

From the Facebook application

1) Join the Stampii Swap Network and select the Swap tag.

2) Now select the Sonic: The Hedgehog™ collection!  

3) Go to “Filter Friends” and SEARCH for the SonicHalloween user. Don’t forget about Caps and do not use Spaces!

4) Select which cards you want to offer to him on “YOU GIVE” , and select the Sonic Mystery Card #1 on “YOU WANT“. You can offer any number of cards to SonicHalloween while trying to convincing him….We can’t really tell you what will work best!

Also, don’t forget to ask him for a “TRICK OR TREAT” on the COMMENT!

Remember that if he likes your Swap request, he might call that a Treat and give you the Sonic Mystery Card #1 for your collection!