For Halloween, a Pumpkin Hill Interpretive Dance

For Halloween, a Pumpkin Hill Interpretive Dance

by October 30, 2012

Let it get to me? I’m just gonna creep

We’re close to Halloween, except in places where Halloween has been cancelled thanks to super storm Sandy.  If you live in said affected areas, never fear; the Great Pumpkin shall still rise for you…just not how you think.

Presenting the below video, which you may have seen before, but can never stop seeing.  It is of a man wearing a pumpkin mask jamming out to what is clearly the dubbed over theme to Pumpkin Hill from Sonic Adventure 2, officially titled A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup.  This, apparently, is how the locals pass the time in Nebraska.

We figured it was a nice diversion from the other woes of this week.  But if it’s not, enjoy your newly created nightmares.