Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz will have Downloadable Content

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz will have Downloadable Content

by October 30, 2012

Sonic statue DLC coming to the west

Good news to Vita users. Since Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz is already released in all territories, Sega is releasing a few DLC packs to increase the possibilities of the custom level editor, with several tools, props and textures to make better and more varied custom levels. They feature classic Sega references, like logos for Sega’s classic consoles and even a Sonic statue to decorate our own levels.

The packs contents are:

SEGA Grey Pack – Include the SEGA Saturn system and logo
SEGA Black Pack – Include the SEGA MegaDrive / Genesis system and logo
SEGA White Pack – Include the SEGA Dreamcast system and logo
Sonic Pack –  Include a Sonic the Hedgehog statue

Hard Pack – Tons of new slimmer elements, including L, T, and + (plus) shapes.
Professional Pack -All new elements, that are even more challenging than the Hard Pack, can be found in this Professional Pack!
Variety Pack – Update your levels with pyramids, bumps, cones and more!
Puyo Puyo Pack – The update adds a tile containing Puyo Puyos that are hard to navigate across!

Now, how can I get them? You might ask. Well, it depends on where region you’re from.

If you’re from North America, you can buy all packs for only 1’99$, starting today. Also, there is a 80% off to Playstation Plus users.

But, if you’re European, the deals are quite different.  The DLC packs will be released in a weekly basis, for free. But, if you fail to get any of the packs, there will be released a bundle pack for paid purchase.

The schedule goes like this:

October 31st: SEGA Grey Pack & SEGA Black Pack

November 7th: SEGA White Pack & Sonic Pack

November 14th: Hard Pack & Professional Pack

November 21st: Variety Pack & Puyo Puyo Pack

 Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz is out now for PS Vita in all regions.