Video: How NiGHTS Celebrates Halloween

Video: How NiGHTS Celebrates Halloween

by October 31, 2012

A Treat for XBLA / PSN Owners

We can’t forget NiGHTS; otherwise the petitions will start flying.  So we’d like to tell you about an Easter Egg embedded within the latest re-release ofNiGHTS Into Dreams.

The video below will show both Claris and Elliot in special scary costumes while in Mystic Forest during Halloween.  Claris is dressed as a witch, while Elliot dons a Dracula cape.  NiGHTS itself is recolored gray.  It’s not the only Easter Egg dependent on time, and while the footage you’ll see is originally from the PS2 version in Japan, co-admin DiGi Valentine Tweeted today that you should see these as well on XBOX Live and PSN…as long as you’ve unlocked Christmas NiGHTS and play in the Brand New Dreams mode.

Keep on dreamin’.