TSSZ Fan Fridays: Mod Month Week 1

TSSZ Fan Fridays: Mod Month Week 1

by November 2, 2012

A New Generation of Adventure

It’s finally here! To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Fan Fridays, we’re running a series of themed features called Mod Month. Throughout November, Fan Fridays will be dedicated to spotlighting the best Sonic game mods we can find.

Since the release of Sonic Generations on PC, countless fans have spent countless hours creating modded content for the game, and some of this work looks strikingly good. There are very few examples that better convey the fanbase’s dedication to quality and creativity than this week’s featured mod: an Adventure-esque retooling of Generations entitled, appropriately enough, Sonic Generations Adventure. The mod, created by a group called Adventure Team, has taken the core framework of Sonic Generations and tweaked it to look and play a little bit more like Sonic Adventure would. The team has built classic and modern renditions of Emerald Coast with graphical and level design flair to spare. To give the mod even more character, the team has also altered Sonic’s textures and running animations as well as updating the White World and nerfing the Sonic Boost to better maintain Adventure-esque speed.

The project sounds ambitious, and Adventure Team is delivering on this idea in spades; their two-level demo of Emerald Coast looks and runs beautifully. You can watch this demo in full below. We’ve got more mods to feature as the month goes on, but if you’ve got a suggestion for us, send it our way at fansonfriday@tssznews.com!