NiGHTS Soundtracks Sneak Onto iTunes

NiGHTS Soundtracks Sneak Onto iTunes

by November 7, 2012

Original, JoD Tunes Available for Purchase

There is good news to report for NiGHTS fans, and it likely would have gone unnoticed had the NiGHTS fan site not issued a bulletin–Sega quietly released two NiGHTS soundtrack compilations to iTunes today.

First, the three disc NiGHTS Into Dreams…Perfect Album is on the marketplace.  This 2008 release from Wave Master assembles the main stage themes of the original NiGHTS and their A-life variants, as well as much of the music from Christmas NiGHTS.  Second, the three disc soundtrack to 2007’s NiGHTS Journey of Dreams also made its digital debut.

The albums previously had only been available physically in Japan and in some instances were quite hard to find.  The digital releases will allow fans to enjoy the many musical memories from both games.  Each disc is $9.99 or your country’s equivalent.  Individual tracks can be bought for 99 cents a piece, or your country’s equivalent.