New screenshots of Sonic the Fighters

New screenshots of Sonic the Fighters

by November 8, 2012

Looks like Virtual On and Virtua Strikers will stay at Japan

We’ve got a new batch of screenshots of Sonic the Fighters coming from Sega Europe’s Press Vault, even if SEGA didn’t want to show them.

They appeared on their Press Vault site earlier today, but they were deleted not too long before it. But, thanks to the good eyes of the Russian site Sonic Characters we’re able to show them.

In the screenshots, we can see that the resolution won’t be adjusted to widescreen like the latest digital releases, but instead have a marquee like Sonic Adventure did.

Not only that, they also listed on their Press Vault Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, but as the rumours said, there is no sight of Virtual On and Virtua Strikers., both announced in Japan as part of this “Model 2 Collection”. This confirms that they’re not going to be released in the West, or at least, they aren’t going to be released along the other three fighting games. Is Sega thinking about releasing them, along with any future titles, maybe in a new collection pack?

You can see the screenshots of Sonic the Fighters, along with a screen capture of Sega’s press vault showing the three games.