ASR Transformed Wii U Trailer Released

ASR Transformed Wii U Trailer Released

by November 9, 2012

Console Specific Features Detailed

Minutes ago, Sega of America released a new trailer relating to the Wii U edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  The trailer is chock full of footage, leading us to believe what you see will be what you get on Nintendo’s new system.

The trailer explains how the Wii U interface will enhance the game.  Most knew about the rear-view mode and switch between TV and GamePad, and you’ll be able to see those in action for the first time here.  There is also a way to track weapon deployments via the GamePad, also demonstrated.  Finally, the exclsuive multiplayer modes are detailed.  At the end of the trailer are peeks at what appear to be a couple of new tracks, one Winter themed and reminiscent of Billy Hatcher, and what appears to be a second, more psychedelic area where players fly through bright, pastel plants.

Have a look for yourself below, and afford your thoughts in the comments.