ASRT Screens from Broken Street Date Released

ASRT Screens from Broken Street Date Released

by November 12, 2012

Spoilers Ahead…Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

The man who was able to buy Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed a week before its intended release is telling all.

Daizyujin has uploaded more off-cameras photos of the game as more proof to substantiate his details from earlier.  The shots include the final Race of Ages track, detailing much of Sega’s history.  You’ll also see some of the time attack and other menu options from what he’s uploaded.

Those shots are in our gallery below.  We caution something that we haven’t had to advise in a good while; while Steve Lycett isn’t taking Daizyujin to task on account the game being purchased legitimately, that doesn’t mean Sega won’t, so this story may be subject to our Sensitive Materials Policy.