SA2 Still 4th on XBOX Live Arcade Sales Chart

SA2 Still 4th on XBOX Live Arcade Sales Chart

by November 12, 2012

Barely Budges in the Ranks

Sega may have found its new digital hit with an old title.

The latest Major Nelson sales charts from the week of October 29th show Sonic Adventure 2 has only dropped one place from the last release, when it was third.  To stay that strong after five weeks of release is quite a feat for any Sonic digital title, let alone a Sega game.

What’s more, Jet Set Radio actually improved its rank in the latest charts, going to 14th from 16th in mid-October.  Unfortunately, the other major re-release of fall, NiGHTS Into Dreams, is nowhere to be found on the top 20.

If any more of an argument could be made for Sega to create a proper next entry in the Adventure series, these numbers and the strong debut SA2 had on PSN certainly qualify.