Possible DLC leaked for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Possible DLC leaked for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

by November 13, 2012

It might also be just leftover data

For today’s latest Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed leaked info, we have what could be possibly be the latest characters to join the roster. Deep in the game data, Spanish site Sonic Paradise found filenames for a few extra characters that are not announced and don’t seem playable for the moment.

The first of them is Alex Kidd. There are some files pointing to him being a playable character, but there isn’t full data for him. There are also three more characters that look playable, but seem like really strange choices. The first one is “Football Manager“. We have no more info on who or what this character is, only that it comes from the football/soccer management sim from Sega. There are several files pointing to textures and models for this character, but again, nothing can assure us if it is even a playable character at this state. The same happens with “Shogun”, which is pointed at later on the game files as a Total War: Shogun character. Total War is a fairly sucessful strategy game IP from Sega that uses real history backgrounds, stories and characters.

The strangest of the bunch (yes, even more bizarre than those two) is the “chicken leg” character. The Golden Axe creature has a few entries as a playable character, but since Gilius is already in, it would look very strange for it to be a new character. Also, there are even fewer files for this one than for the others. Maybe this one is leftover code from some sort of test character, or perhaps just part of Gilius model? Along with these, some Segata Sanshiro data was found, but it was clearly labelled as CAMEO, so no luck this time. At least we have him in the game, even if he is not a playable character.

Alex Kidd looks to have a good chance of being DLC, along with the Shogun and Football Manager characters but, again, we cannot be sure if they are in fact future DLC slots, leftover data, or who knows what. It they are DLC, they may be seem by some as pretty strange choices. We will have to wait until Sega or Sumo confirms or denies this info. Until then, we will have to look for more info in the deepest crevices of the game data.