Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed latest unlockable character leaked

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed latest unlockable character leaked

by November 13, 2012

Spoilers ahead

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed‘s street date has already broken, and the secrets of the game are getting splashed all over.  Something most people wanted to know is who or what is the final unlockable character, since Sumo hasn’t revealed who it is.

Many rumors have discussed who this character might be. But now, thanks to Spanish site Sonic Paradise, we know for sure.

One of their trustworthy sources has gotten hold of a copy of the Xbox 360 version of the game and has ripped lots of info from its files. From there, we can now see lots of file names that tell us those well-hidden secrets.

As for the final unlockable character, it has been referred to by Sumo Digital as the “biggest piece of fanservice ever.” You may have thought it was Segata Sanshiro according to that description. It is not, even though that man is in fact in the game, but only as a cameo. In fact, the final unlockable character is not a person. It’s a robot, or better said… a SegaBot. Yes, Segabot is the final unlockable in the game. And you might be thinking… what is SegaBot, anyway?

Well, we don’t really know for sure. But we do know that linked to it are file names of 3D models and textures from several Sega legacy characters and items, like the Hornet from Daytona U.S.A, the jet from Afterburner (what could be the plane mode), or even a Dreamcast’s VMU.

So from what we have got, we can assume this SegaBot is a robot of sorts made up of several Sega items, who can transform into several famous Sega vehicles, like a “megazord” of sorts. It also looks like it uses or can transform into some sort of missile or machine gun.

As previously stated, we don’t have any pictures or video of this character, just file names that hint at what it could be, but we can be sure this SegaBot is very much in the game. There won’t be much time until someone unlocks it in the game, and we will show you this mysterious character as soon as that happens, as well as any additional information as we receive it.