ONM: 62% Score for ASR Transformed on Wii U

ONM: 62% Score for ASR Transformed on Wii U

by November 15, 2012

“It just feels pallid”

Time to come off that 8.6 high, because a second review review of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for one particular system is not quite as kind.

The UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine, in a write-up of their top 5 Wii U games reviewed so far, has ASRT at the bottom of the barrel with a 62 percent score.  The full review is in print via an upcoming magazine issue, but the briefing on the web read:

The early excitement of the transformations doesn’t make up for an interminable world tournament, poor local multiplayer and uninspiring weapons. The mixture of Sega and Sumo (with a hint of Bizarre) should have made for a game that was as accomplished as it was nostalgic. Instead, it just feels pallid.

One or two reviews do not define an entire game, but in this case, they might indicate the possibility scores could be a bit all over the place, or one version might be more polished than another.  So you’re aware, we will be offering multiple reviews of ASR Transformed.  Ryan Bloom will review the XBOX 360 version, and I will be tackling the Wii U version.