Inside the SA2, NiGHTS XBLA Sales Figures

Inside the SA2, NiGHTS XBLA Sales Figures

by November 16, 2012

How Well Did Sega’s Re-Releases Sell?

Our old community friend Ryan Langley Tweeted us earlier this week to tell us about his XBOX Live sales analysis for October, including perspective on how well Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS Into Dreams performed on the service.

The analysis was published to Gamasutra on Wednesday.  A combination of charts and leaderboard data was used to determine more specific figures, and those figures show SA2 had at least 20,687 sales on XBOX Live alone its first full week of launch.  The performance was nearly duplicated in week 2, with at least 18,419 players added.  In all, well over 50,000 players picked up SA2 during the month of October.  Given how strong SA2 fared on the official Major Nelson charts in October, that figure could very well be underestimated.

NiGHTS, on the other hand, wishes it had such success.  In the same period measured, the game could only muster a touch over a tenth of SA2’s numbers.  Only 5,701 players, at minimum, downloaded the game.  That too could be an underestimate, but not nearly to a level where it can be close to the the money machine SA2 clearly was.

Said Langley on the numbers:

You can see why Sega tend to pull the Sonic card as much as they do. It also doesn’t help that NiGHTS is somewhat difficult to get into compared to newer games.

You can get the full lowdown on all of October’s new XBLA releases at the above link.