RUMOR: A new Digital Sonic game coming to PS3?

RUMOR: A new Digital Sonic game coming to PS3?

by November 17, 2012

Or maybe just a slip up?

It’s looks like we might be playing again with Sonic in PS3, sooner than we though. According to Spanish site Sonic Paradise, there might be a new Sonic title coming up to PS3 digital store…next week.

The site PSNstores reports the weekly update of Sony’s Digital store USA, like each week. But this week, a game no one has heard of before is listed as a new entry for next Wednesday, November 20th. It’s called “Sonic Classic Collection“, and is listed as a PS3 digital game.

This is an announced title, even if a few years ago there was a rumor talking about a Sonic Classic Collection, who was going to be released on Nintendo DS and Playstation 3. The game did come out for Nintendo DS, but the PS3 compilation was never heard off again.

There is also the possibility than this might be a PS3 exclusive “Sega Vintage Collection”, with the classic Sonic games. Xbox 360 users has had the possibility to acquire sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles for a long time, but there is no Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles in the PS3 store. Might this be a compilation that includes those two, exclusive to ps3? Or maybe, just a digital release of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection?

As we know, this might even be just an error from PSNStores, and nothing more. That’s why we label this story as a RUMOR.

We won’t have to wait much time to see what is this, or even if this is real or not. Next Wednesday will be the day it’s dated to release at USA’s Playstation Store. Then, we will know.

Of course, we will investigate more about this matter, and we will tell you as soon as we know something about it.

Stay tuned!