Interview: Lycett Hopes Mario Kart “will now have to take a leaf from” ASR Transformed

Interview: Lycett Hopes Mario Kart “will now have to take a leaf from” ASR Transformed

by November 21, 2012

Shots Fired–Updated with Lycett Clarification

The gloves may not be completely off between the long running Mario Kart series and Sega’s answer–the relatively new ASR series–but they’re slipping into oblivion with the release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

In an interview with the Australian Wii U community website, Sumo executive producer Steve Lycett among other things, expresses his hope that the latest game has raised the bar to the point where Nintendo may want to tweak their next racing title.  Asked how he would convince MK diehards to give ASRT a show, he said the following, with our emphasis emboldened:

Well I’d say that we’re a very different experience. Not only does the multi-surface play have make it very fresh, but we’re also exploring lots of different SEGA games which really varies the levels you’ll play on. Mario Kart tends to stick to the Mario universe instead.

On top of that the split-screen everywhere mantra means that you can take 5 players all the way through the game, and online, which is a big step up from what’s been before.

What I’m hoping is Nintendo will now have to take a leaf from our game for their next Mario Kart. I think we’ve pushed the genre forward with this game – that and it’s really good honest fun and real gamers games. Try it, I think you’ll love it!

UPDATE: On the SSMB, Lycett clarified those interview remarks:

LOL. Slight out of context quote there, but what the hey. My point was that we have done many things to try and push a character based racing game forwards. For a start there is a proper ‘campaign’ mode that I felt was completely missing in MK7. Next we’ve got local splitscreen support in pretty much every game mode. You’ve also got split-screen support online – again for 5 players on Wii U.

Then there is all the GamePad features. Off screen play, assymetric play, split-screen with players on the GamePad and more.

That’s before you really consider the actual game itself. I think we pull on a much more varied universe than MK does. We don’t limit ourselves to a single game for example. How much cooler would Super Smash Bros. Kart be than Mario Kart?

Weapon wise too, we’ve proved you can have a better ‘Blue Shell’. You can work that mechanic in a way that doesn’t punish skill, but can actually reward it whilst still allowing other players to catch up.

I admire Mario Kart and I’ve owned every version on every platform. But it plays very, very safe. Everytime they attempt to revise it, look at Double Dash for example, the fan base screams murder. In a way they’re a victim of their success here. Doesn’t stop them selling millions of copies for each version they do though!

So yes, I’d like to think they look at our game and take some tips. I’m sure they’re already planning great things on Wii U. Maybe they’ll want to team up to do Mario Kart VS SEGA All-Stars – imagine that. Then what would the fan boys complain about


Some fans, particularly in the Nintendo crowd, are taking that to mean that ASRT may be a step above what Mario Kart has offered.  Do you agree?  Opine in the comments below.  By the way, tomorrow we will have our own Lycett postgame interview of sorts to share.