Video: The Mother of all ASRT Wii U Bugs

Video: The Mother of all ASRT Wii U Bugs

by November 23, 2012

This One Stops Your Progress–Even After a Patch

I have a confession to make: I’ve never played the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog.  But I’m told the game was bug-ridden to the point where points of the game seemed impossible to clear.

Of course, I know better thanks to our Endurance Race earlier this year that showed finishing the 2006 Sonic can be done.  On my end, however, I can’t say the same for the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, at least when it comes to the game’s World Tour.

I’ve read and seen a lot about boost challenge checkpoints  disappearing with the Wii U’s system update.  But with 121 stars in tow, on one of the tour’s last stops, Ranger Rush, I was greeted with the video you’re about to see below.  The intended Sprint mode with secret unlockable AGES screeched to a halt for one very important reason: One can’t race on land with a boat.  Things deteriorated from there.

I wasn’t expecting to grab AGES after finishing–that required many more stars I still had to accumulate–but I was expecting to….well, finish.  Attempts made with NiGHTS, Gillius, and a couple other characters yielded the same result.

Here’s the kicker: The way the mode works, there’s no way for it to default into automatic failure, as far as I’m aware.  That renders useless the automatic star received after failing a few times in C-class, and that means I cannot progress any further in World Tour mode.  Among other things, that robs me of unlocking at least one character and the final vehicle mod.

The anomaly occurred with the day-one Wii U system update downloaded plus a separate software patch for ASR Transformed I was prompted to download on Thursday morning.  I have no way to tell whether the mode was working prior to the updates, as I had not progressed far enough.  I can tell that the software update didn’t fix the missing checkpoints though–it in fact took a couple more boost pads away.

That should not matter.  Any game should be thoroughly tested before “going gold,” if not for bugs like the one demonstrated above, then at least to ensure the core game cannot be fundamentally broken by future system or software updates.  It is one thing for a couple checkpoints to be missing; it is quite another for a patch to make the problem worse and hinder fans from grabbing the game’s “ultimate fan service.”  It is very clear the Wii U version of ASR Transformed did not get and is not getting nearly the same level of care the other home console editions received, and that is a serious problem not only for fans seeking a complete experience, but for individuals such as myself trying to afford as fair and complete a review as possible.  If this negligence was in part due to a lack of manpower, no doubt exacerbated by Sega of America’s entire QA department allegedly being gutted back in March, we and the company are in a lot of trouble.

Has this happened to you?  Know a way around it?  I’d welcome your input below in the comments; you may very well save ASR Transformed on Wii U from being awarded a big fat goose-egg out of five when I write my formal review.