Estimates Show ASRT EU Launch Sales Down from Original

Estimates Show ASRT EU Launch Sales Down from Original

by November 26, 2012

Nowhere to Go But Up

The official UK Chart Track ranks will be out later today to hopefully instill some confidence, but for the moment, some more specific data from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed out of Europe shows the game not performing up to the original Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

The unofficial data from shows the combined XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 versions of ASR Transformed sold just under 16,000 units across the whole of Europe for the week ending November 17th.  Globally, the estimated number is a bit better at a hair under 20,000 units, likely accounting for the Asia-Pacific region.  It is not clear whether the numbers factor the many North American outlets that broke ASRT’s street date, but given the lack of estimates for that specific region, it is unlikely.

The XBOX 360 edition was the winner for the week with 8,615 units sold in Europe, with the PS3 edition earning 7,336 sales.

But apples to apples, data from the same website shows a significant salesdrop between the original ASR and the sequel.  On its first two days of launch in late February 2010, VGChartz estimated ASR sold 15,761 copies in Europe on XBOX 360 and 13,210 copies on the Playstation 3.  That means the sequel saw sales drop in comparison more than 45 percent on XBOX 360, and more than 44 percent on PS3.  That is very unsettling, especially given how ASR Transformed launched right at the onset of the Holiday shopping season, and knowing that Sonic games tend to fare better in Europe.

In perspective, that makes ASR Transformed the worst EU launch performance for a Sonic game on either 360 or PS3 since the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog, and the worst on any system since, interestingly enough, 2010’s Sonic Colors on Wii and DS, which saw its sales steadily rise through the Holiday season.  It is very possible the re-release of Sonic Adventure 2 on 360 and PS3’s digital services in October did a better job selling its first couple days on the market.

Officially, as we reported, ASR Transformed ranked 27th in the UK for launch week.  Unofficial data for the North America launch likely won’t be available until later this week.

The good news is these numbers should rise in week two and beyond, benefiting from a full week of sales and the EU launch of Wii U respectively, though by how much remains to be seen.  Europe also did not have the benefit of the Disney film Wreck-it Ralph in wide release; much of the region is in the middle of a slow localized rollout culminating in the UK release this February.  That and Danica Patrick could be the difference between a slow start in Europe and a potentially significant launch in North America we aren’t yet aware of.  Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race, but make no mistake; the success of ASR Transformed may be crucial to the short term health of Sega as a western publisher and developer.