New Augmented Reality Sonic T-Shirt on sale

New Augmented Reality Sonic T-Shirt on sale

by November 26, 2012

Sonic jumps out of your clothes

Remember that merchandise interview a while ago that confirmed new sonic games coming up for 2013? Remember that it confirmed a Sonic Augmented Reality t-shirt too?

Well, it’s out now-but only in UK. The item is exclusive to Asda’s own clothing brand, “George”, so it’s not possible to be released at other stores around the world. The T-shirt is also Child-size only.

And how does that Augmented reality thing work, you might ask. Well, the Sonic picture on the front is read by the camera of any device, like your cell phone, who can run the ‘Zappar’ application. You will see sonic come out to life out of your T-Shirt.

Pretty smooth trick, don’t you think?

The T-Shirt is avalaible at Asda’s stores all around UK, for only £6.