“Streets of Rage 4” video footage leaked

“Streets of Rage 4” video footage leaked

by December 5, 2012

And we’ll never get to play it

Streets of Rage hasn’t exactly had the easiest time over the years. There was the legendarily canceled Dreamcast game (canceled, because Sega of America representatives had apparently never even heard of the franchise), the cease and desist of (the frankly amazing) Streets of Rage Remake, and now word that Sega and Ruffian Games had intended to revive Streets of Rage via digital download, as seen in this alpha footage leaked earlier this week:

While there’s no time frame given as to when this footage was taken, Joystiq points out that rumors were going around last year that Ruffian Games was working with “one of the biggest publishers in the industry” on a multiplatform game, potentially referring to what we see here. The visual effects seen in this video certainly do seem in line with recent trends, such as the “dirty camera lens” effect popularized in 2011’s Battlefield 3, suggesting it could be less than 18 months old (and may also provide answers as to why Sega shut down SoR Remake).

Unfortunately, the game has long since been canceled – Eurogamer caught up with former Ruffian Games’ developer Sean Noonan to find out why, and his take was simply:

I don’t really have a solid answer to that 🙁

Noonan, who helped work on this Streets of Rage Prototype, worked at Ruffian Games from May 2009 to July 2012, where he then moved to Ubisoft to help with Watch_Dogs, suggesting, again, that this Streets of Rage game was canceled fairly recently. According to Noonan on NeoGAF, the content featured in this video was created by a small team in around two months.

Given Sega’s current financial status and the company-wide tightening of belts that happened in June of this year, it is perhaps easy to see why a product like this was quietly silenced. Maybe next time, Streets of Rage.