ASRT Can’t Crack November’s NPD Top 10

ASRT Can’t Crack November’s NPD Top 10

by December 6, 2012

Want Official Guidance?  It’s Not Much Better

We get some flak for using VGChartz as a guide to let you how a particular game is doing from time to time, even though we stress the numbers from the website are unofficial.  So we wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we didn’t make an effort to provide what most consider the official US data as reported by NPD.

Unfortunately, the data, released this evening, shows even combined sales of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed not hitting NPD’s top 10 sellers for the month.  That would include XBOX 360, PS3, and what appears to be a better selling Wii U version.  All told, game sales across the industry were down 11 percent.

We should note the VGChartz Top 10 did match the top 5 on NPD exactly, so the unofficial data and the methods used to collect it are not totally out of left field.  With that in mind, the threshold for the NPD top 10 appears to be around 300,000 sold.  All indications are that ASR Transformed may have sold the mid to high five figures for November in North America, so unless Danica Patrick’s press tour for the game is of significant help, we may not see ASRT officially crack the NPD charts this month either.

We will pass along more data–official or otherwise–as it comes in.