SA2 3rd Best Seller on PSN in November

SA2 3rd Best Seller on PSN in November

by December 6, 2012

NiGHTS Also Fares Pretty Well

Sonic Adventure 2, now more than ten years old, has again showed its staying power with fans and newcomers alike–this time on the Playstation 3.

Sony released its top sellers for PSN in the month of November, and SA2 placed third.  When you consider Assassin‘s Creed III released simultaneously packaged and through digital, was second, SA2 can be considered the second best digital-only game on the list.  The Walking Dead: Episode 5 placed first.

More surprising is how well NiGHTS did on PSN for the month.  Remember that the game was released in early October, so its 17th place finish for November is not bad at all.

Neatly sandwiched in between was Jet Set Radio, which placed 13th on PSN for the month.