RUMOR: Nintendo is planning to acquire SEGA?

RUMOR: Nintendo is planning to acquire SEGA?

by December 7, 2012

Could hedgehog and plumber become step-brothers?

Rumorology had always tried to convince us about the most wacky things. This might seem like one of those.

According with EGM writer HipHopGamer, Nintendo is planning to buy SEGA. Yeah, that is, bluntly and without painkillers. Nintendo wants our blue boy.

At a video he reveals that in the past E3, Nintendo confirmed to him off camera that they would like to buy off Sega, at it would be a great addition to the Nintendo brand, and that they are always up to discuss that.

Nintendo Reps: It would be a great exclusive addition to the Nintendo brand and something that we’re always up to discussing.

Since that doesn’t assure anything, we cant be sure this is happening or not, but this is not the first time there have been rumors on Sega being bought by Nintendo. back in 2003, when Sega left the first party market. From there came several exclusive SEGA titles for Nintendo machines, like the Sonic Advance, Sonic adventure 2 Battle or Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

Now, Sega is closer to Nintendo as ever, with titles like Bayonetta 2, or the Mario & Sonic at the Olympics series. Could this be the start of a new future? With Sega current issues, this might be the saviour of the company. We will have to wait to know more, since this is a RUMOR , so take it with a grain of salt.

You can see HipHopGamer, of EGM fame, in this video talking about it, from 11:00 on