UK: ASR Transformed Sales Up Significantly in Week 4

UK: ASR Transformed Sales Up Significantly in Week 4

by December 10, 2012

Vita Version Debuts Well, All Others Up or Steady

We’ve been saying for weeks this is a marathon and not a race when it came to sales of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  So it was a relief to see the official GFK Chart-Track ranks released this morning show combined sales of the game hit their stride.

ASR Transformed hit its best spot on the charts yet at 16th on the multiformat top 40.  To compare, Sonic Generations last year peaked at the #10 spot in the UK, so we’re getting there.  ASRT likely benefited from the Wii U version on store shelves for a full week, though that version held steady week to week individually, sticking to the 4th place on the Wii U chart.  Elsewhere, both the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions were up.  On XBOX 360, ASR Transformed jumped three places to 16th, while the Playstation 3 edition bumped up four placed to 18th individually.

Another help was the formal debut of the Playstation Vita version.  There, ASR Transformed individually charted 6th.  We do not believe GFK counts digital purchases toward their rankings, however, so the total may be even better.

We also have some more unofficial data to share with you later today.