Yakuza 5 Released in Japan; Beats Wii U Launch

Yakuza 5 Released in Japan; Beats Wii U Launch

by December 12, 2012

The Hit is Out on Nintendo

Sega’s Playstation 3 exclusive Yakuza 5 sold more units in Japanese stores for its launch last week than Nintendo sold Wii U hardware units in its launch the same week.

The Media Create data, as revealed by CVG, shows how powerful the Yakuza brand has become in the region.  Yakuza 5 sold more than 356,000 units in the period, while just over 308,000 Wii Us were sold.  It was the top software seller for the week, and it was also a convincingly better performer than any Wii U launch title in Japan–or the launch titles combined.  The only three Wii U games to chart on the Media Create data–New Super Mario Bros. U, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Nintendo Land–together sold just over 342,000 units.

The Media Create data is considered the official barometer of Japanese game and media sales.

To be fair, Yakuza 5 had a two-day leg up on the Wii U launch, but any good Sega news is welcome given how Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed appears to have sputtered in the West.  Critically acclaimed with a rare perfect score from Famitsu in tow, the robust sales may be enough to convince Sega to bring Yakuza 5 to the Western market if they hold; we’ll see.