First Look: Sonic Comics for March/April

First Look: Sonic Comics for March/April

by December 17, 2012

Includes The Beginning of “Worlds Collide”

On Friday, the first previews were released for the upcoming Sonic comics coming just as Spring dawns next year.

The solicits include the first real storyline for the Sonic / Mega Man crossover, Worlds Collide.  We also learn the arc will be a part of Archie’s Free Comic Book Day, happening next April.  There, comic book readers will enjoy a “prelude” to the series, as a flip book.  Archie is touting the free book as a flipbook, with two stories in one.

The Metal Sonic focused Sonic Universe #50 will also release around this time, but you likely knew that.  In the meantime, have a look at the previews for the flipbook, Mega Man #24, and Sonic #247–Operation: Deadly Cuddles and all–below.


“(W) Ian Flynn (A) Terry Austin & Various (CA) Matt Herms & Various

‘At All Costs,’ Part 1. On the eve of the history-making ‘Worlds Collide’ crossover event, Sonic’s Team Fighters have reached the frigid north! The plan: finally rescue Mecha Sally. But will Silver’s arrival help or hinder their efforts? Meanwhile, ‘Operation: Deadly Cuddles’ goes into full effect, menacing Team Freedom! It’s the last stop of the road to the Sonic/Mega Man crossover event – with an explosive ending that will rock Sonic’s world!”


“(W) Ian Flynn (A) Matt Herms & Various (CA) Patrick Spaz Spaziante

‘Worlds Collide,’ Part One. The crossover event of 2013 starts here! The Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog epic kicks off with a bang as the Blue Blur and Blue Bomber meet for the first time! And considering how hard they’re fighting each other, it might be the last! Why are the heroes trying to take each other down? Drs. Eggman and Wily know, and they’re loving every minute of it! You cannot miss this historic first meeting of two of the biggest video game icons in the entire world! Get in on the ground floor with all-new cover art by the legendary Patrick ‘SPAZ’ Spaziante, and choose your favorite hero with the ‘Team Sonic’ and ‘Team Mega Man’ variant covers!”


(W) Ian Flynn (A) Ryan Jampole & Various (CA) Ben Bates

“Worlds Collide: PRELUDE” – It’s TWO free comic books in ONE! Just in time for the start of the epic Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man crossover event, “Worlds Collide,” comes a primer issue exclusively for Free Comic Book Day! Witness the journey these two epic heroes from both Sega and Capcom took to finally meet each other – Mega Man’s journey chronicled on one side, and Sonic the Hedgehog’s on the other! This is the must-have primer for the biggest comic book event of 2013 – as video game icons Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man meet for the very first time anywhere – featuring art from both Sonic and Mega Man comic book fame!