Sonic Jump gets a new update

Sonic Jump gets a new update

by December 19, 2012

Boss battles and new characters

Sega’s Hardlight Studio has released today a new update to their phone game Sonic Jump.

This new update is called Boss Battles, and as the name says, includes new boss battles against Eggman, located at the sixth act of every zone. Also, there are new gadgets at the stages, like diagonal springs or different platforms to jump into. Along those, there are two new characters that will be unlocked if you install this new update: Silver the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. There is also a new set of wallpapers available in the game.

Of course, the new update is 100% free.

But, that is not the only thing that this update contains. Deep hidden in the data files, there are lots of surprises, like what the latest updates did.

Spanish site Sonic Paradise reports that the Russian site Sonic-Scene has found several hidden characters, along with textures, items and even remains of a new stage, called Cosmic Zone.

The new characters are Cream the Rabbit, Vector the Crocodile and Shadow the Hedgehog, who remain locked in the depths of the game. There is no info on how they can be unlocked, but since they are fully functional with this update, it’s probable they will be announced and unlocked with some sort of alternate quest soon, like Blaze the Cat did.

You can see ripped sprites, images, textures, and more at the gallery below.