Flynn Addresses Altered Sonic #244; Fans Look To Penders Settlement

Flynn Addresses Altered Sonic #244; Fans Look To Penders Settlement

by December 27, 2012

Flynn: “Arc wasn’t what I originally planned”

Some of those who received Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog #244 in the mail recently were a bit unpleasantly surprised to see developments unfold in part two of the Endangered Species arc.

If you haven’t read it, be warned that we’re about to spoil a major plot point.  Flynn appears to write out most of the echidna characters as Thrash traps many of the characters via a warp ring, in effect erasing them from the Archie Sonic universe.  The only two that appear left, at least in this issue, are Knuckles and Dr. Finitevus.

There’s no telling how the Endangered Species arc ends, but for the moment, it appears the likes of Lien-Da, Julie-Su, and many other once major characters are out of the comics.  It just so happens the ownership of those characters and the story behind them, among many other things, were disputed by former Archie writer Ken Penders in a recently settled lawsuit Archie brought against him.

Current writer Ian Flynn admitted the arc saw changes in a post on the Bumbleking forum Sunday, but didn’t say why.

“Remember, we work months in advance to keep on schedule. When something abruptly changes, we can’t throw out months of work and thousands of dollars,” Flynn said.  “We revise plans and move forward. This isn’t new, especially for veteran fans.  This story arc wasn’t what I originally planned, but it’s also not “OMG TEH RUINED FOREVERZ.” We had to take it in a new direction, and we’re getting to do other things with the over-all plot this way.”

Flynn added in a follow-up post on Christmas Day that he doesn’t know all of what’s happening, and what he does know he can’t comment publicly on.

“I know it’s frustrating for you guys. It’s frustrating for me too. But it’s not something any of us can control. So instead of fretting over it, just relax and enjoy the book for what it is,” Flynn asked.  “Trust me when I say everyone on staff is committed to bringing the best books we can. That hasn’t changed.”