PSO2’s January Update Detailed

PSO2’s January Update Detailed

by December 28, 2012

Get Ready for a Battle Against…Yourself

Late Thursday, Siliconera posted new information about an upcoming update to Phantasy Star Online 2 that will go live next month.

The most significant feature will be Abduction x Clone, a mode where you’re basically abducted by Darkers in-game, then must battle your way out of Darkers’ Den.  You’ll mostly fight Darkers along the way, but under certain circumstances, the game will clone you or one of your clanmates as an enemy.  Defeating a doppleganger will yield special items.

On the more cheerful side, the game’s lobby will be decorated to celebrate 2013 as part of the update.  This will be the first portion of the update, and it will go online from January 1st and stay up until January 23rd.  The updated quest and feature will go live on January 9th.