Video: New Aliens Colonial Marines trailer

Video: New Aliens Colonial Marines trailer

by December 30, 2012

New trailer shows the story of the game

SEGA has recently released a new trailer for the Gearbox developed game,  Alien: Colonial Marines. In this one, you can see some tidbits of the story of the game, and how it fits between Aliens and Alien 3 movies.

You can see it down below. Also, if you’re a fellow Alien enthusiast, we have here something you might like. It’s a commercial for the first Alien action figure, from 1979. It’s has little to do with the SEGA published game, except it’s the same IP, of course, but it’s something interesting to see.

Alien: Colonial Marines is coming out February 12nd, for Xbox 360, Ps3 and Wii U.

You can see them down below: