End of Year Special Statement: A Wild Ride

End of Year Special Statement: A Wild Ride

by December 31, 2012

Was it a Happy News Year?  Not Really

Maybe it’s just the pessimist in me.  Maybe I need to go outside and get some fresh air.  Maybe I’m too bruised from doing this for more than a decade.  But I can’t be the only one who felt something wasn’t right about 2012.

Sure, the world didn’t end, but for a lot of us, if felt like pieces of our world came crashing down.  We were witness to Sega’s gutting, the likes of which many of us have not seen since the dawn of the company’s multiplatform era.  We saw the emergence of a single flagship Holiday game riddled with bugs and big names that, in hindsight, don’t look to be enough to bring Sega back from the brink.  That’s just one of an array of questionable choices made, including a suit against Level-5, the horrific treatment given to Anarchy Reigns in the west, and shots taken against the Shining Force community.  Even this year’s SAGE couldn’t escape trouble.

We certainly could have been better as well.  Our normally reliable roster of sources didn’t completely verify this year on a handful of stories, notably at the onset of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  We caused quite a stir when we uncovered Sonic Adventure 3 branded domains, but that too has yet to verify.  Bayonetta 2 was off again, and then on again.  We said good-bye to a dear friend.  Many believe our voluminous coverage of the Archie v. Penders lawsuit leaned too favorably toward Penders, even as it’s the only original reporting this year that consistently was in the right direction.  We faltered at both Summer of Sonic and New York Comic Con.  Many more don’t like some of our sourcing for various rumors and sales estimates.  And I have a strong feeling those at Sega would still prefer us to no longer exist, as those directly entrusted with community power there would rather consult with a couple of faux physics majors for their failed flagship digital effort then make any real effort to help us promote their products.  Then again, when you treat your job and your fans like a fraternity and a dessert kitchen, I suppose you get what you deserve.

It’s a shame, too, because the year was no write-off for us.  We again logged more than ten thousand daily readers on average–with in all more than 3.7 million stopping by for the year–and we hope with your support, we can do even better next year.  We raised a little money to benefit Japan earthquake and tsunami victims.  We cleared the name of an innocent man.  We spent some time with Steve Lycett.  We made sure every title at this year’s SAGE received the exposure they deserve.  Through our Fan Fridays, we showed you a wide array of what makes this community great.  And, for better or worse, we kept you up to speed on all the legal highs and lows in Archie’s suit against Ken Penders, so you’d incur no surprises no matter the outcome.

Despite our own highs and lows, I strongly believe the type of reporting we do here is necessary.  We have a great team working hard to deliver you the latest news of Sonic, Sega and beyond every day, and we’ll work even harder in the new year to earn your trust.  I personally will pledge to try and not be so pompous, though I can never be convinced away from the idea of acting tough but fair.  We can’t report exclusively on matters that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside; it would be a disservice to you and to ourselves to pretend the negative does not exist.  This year was especially difficult.  While we are prepared for whatever comes next, I can only hope for better days ahead, because if not, I worry for the future of Sega and the future of the franchise we all cherish.

Happy News Year.  Hopefully.