LakeFeperd Delays Sonic After the Sequel, Teases New SFG

LakeFeperd Delays Sonic After the Sequel, Teases New SFG

by January 1, 2013

Soundtrack Development Behind the Bump

For as fast as LakeFeperd is turning out quality fan games, it’s not entirely a one-man show.  Case in point: The producer behind the very successful SFG Sonic Before the Sequel announced recently that its follow-up, Sonic After the Sequel, had been delayed for an undetermined period.

It appears the delay is entirely due to the game’s soundtrack not being finished yet, according to the video LakeFeperd made.  It’s below for your reference.  This time around, SATS tunes are being produced by a team of several artists.

But to make it up to an audience waiting anxiously for the next entry, LakeFeperd teased an entirely new project.  On Sonic Fan Games HQ, he says the work has a  “Metronic” gameplay style, utilizing elements from both Sonic and Metroid.

No timetable has been given for the new SFG’s release.  But it should be something to look forward to at this year’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo.