Fans Mod Bayonetta into Street Fighter x Tekken

Fans Mod Bayonetta into Street Fighter x Tekken

by January 2, 2013

If You Can’t Wait for Anarchy Reigns…

Depending on where you live, you’re anywhere from less than a week to about a week and a half from seeing the western release of Anarchy Reigns.

But perhaps you’re a bit anxious and need a taste of what’s to come.  Or perhaps you’re not a fan of the Anarchy format and would prefer a more traditional brawl.  If you’re into Street Fighter, a group of fans has you covered.  Khaledantar666 has modded Bayonetta into the PC version of Street Fighter x Tekken, sword, smooth moves and all.  A sample video has been produced of the final product, and while not perfect, it’s a great way to show your Sega spirit on the desktop.  It also allows the opportunity every fanboy has waited for: Bayonetta versus Bayonetta, no holds barred.

You can download the mod here, or watch the video below.