Freedom Planet Developer Mulling Kickstarter Fund

Freedom Planet Developer Mulling Kickstarter Fund

by January 3, 2013

Meant “to make the final version as accessible as possible”

One of the more closely watched projects in the community of late actually has very little to do with Sonic, even as it made a splash at last year’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo.

That project is Freedom Planet, a Sonic-esque platformer.  It now looks set to hit the next level of development, but it may need your help.  Programmer and Designer Stephen DiDuro, known as Strife in the community, announced on Sonic Retro the attempt, at least, to raise money and potentially expand an audience.

“I’d like to setup a Kickstarter fund for the game, primarily for one reason – to make the final version as accessible as possible,” DiDuro wrote earlier this week.

He estimates that with one thousand dollars, he can purchase a proper version of Multimedia Fusion–the game’s development platform–as well as development keys for Android, XBOX Live, and Steam, with a little left over for OUYA and a music library.

“I am considering right now if I should ask for an amount beyond this so that I can commission further artwork and possibly even those animated cutscenes I’ve been dreaming of, but since those are nonessentials, I should probably stick with the base amount,” DiDuro explained.

While a great step toward the legitimacy of indie games, it may also be a misstep as it relates to Sonic fan games.  The community has always needed to walk a fine line in maintaining good relations with Sega, and one of those key tenets has been to keep fan works labors of love and little else.  The problem with Freedom Planet is that while there is not necessarily a direct correlation with Sonic in name, there have been numerous comparisons to the Sonic franchise and gameplay mechanics in rave reviews the demo has received–one of which can even be seen on the Freedom Planet website.  Assume a release to paid platforms, even for a small fee, and it could be enough for Sega to ring alarm bells…not to mention their attorneys.

Despite that potential wrinkle, there remains tremendous interest in the game.  We will let you know if the Kickstarter takes shape, and if Freedom Planet can make it to the next level.