UK Sales Show Most Buying ASR Transformed on XBOX 360

UK Sales Show Most Buying ASR Transformed on XBOX 360

by January 3, 2013

Wii U Only Nabs 14 Percent Share

Here’s an interesting tidbit about at least one week of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed sales in the UK.  British daily newspaper The Guardian has also published a console by console breakdown of sales.

We’re not completely sure if this is a cumulative average or simply for the week–we’re leaning toward the latter–but the data nonetheless is interesting.  It shows that the XBOX 360 version received the lion’s share of interest, with a 46 percent share of the game’s overall share.  The Playstation 3 version was next in line with a 30 percent share.

Both versions received a healthy headstart on the Wii U version in the UK, which launch along with Nintendo’s new console a couple weeks afterward.  Still, that port only clocked a 14 percent share of sales which, if these merely reflect last week’s data, is a bit unsettling, especially considering the Playstation Vita version was not far behind with a 10 percent share.

With the Holidays mostly over, sales will likely continue to drop.  We’ll share one more round of official and perhaps unofficial data with you before we wait for Sega Sammy’s earnings report next month.