Poll: 61% Say 2012 a Good Year for Sonic

Poll: 61% Say 2012 a Good Year for Sonic

by January 7, 2013

But That Number’s Usually in the 90s

Our annual poll taking the community’s pulse of Sonic has concluded.  The results of the latest TSSZ @Issue poll still show most found last year a good year for Sonic, but the percentage is way down from past year.

A total of 974 votes were cast, and of those, 61 percent said it was a good year for the blue hedgehog.  The remaining 39 percent voted no.  That’s still a good amount of individuals on the positive side, but consider this: When we ran the poll last year, the percentage of yays was in the mid 90 percent tile.  In 2010, the number was 91 percent.

Despite an array of titles made available last year like Sonic 4: Episode II, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and Sonic Jump, to go from what is essentially a mid 90s approval rate (which, arguably, may have been boosted by how well Sega handled Sonic’s 20th anniversary) to the low 60s is not a good sign.

Onward to 2013.